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Matthew L Thrown out of the Pigeons Roost in Louisville KY

Matthew L sharing his experience, strength, and hope at the Pigeons Roost in Louisville, KY is thrown out of an AA meeting for carrying a big book thumper's message after only 8 minutes of sharing.

Matthew L Thrown out of the Pigeons Roost in... by The_Rowdy_Rum

4 Responses

  1. bob kennedy says:

    That was fairly tame for Matthew L.!!

  2. Gregg G says:

    He was asked by someone to share, which he was doing..It was very selfish to shut him off for his experience or opinion whatever..Debbie and others couldn’t handle it and they had no business speaking for the group or AA as a whole unless it was suggested beforehand to not discuss the Big Book?..I imagine it wasn’t over the few things I heard out off context that were objectionable it probably was his attitude of intolerance..Usually the ones to respond to that kind of thing still see control as power..He’s obviously full of fear and people sense it, thumpers or not they get the vibe..

    Let him get some experience living the Book rather than preaching it and he’ll probably have a much better chance of getting through to the new man..Much less I think you think, listen to me, you’re screwed up and I’m ok, stuff..People respond to solution as action, they see it, witness it..Most opinions I hear are based on selfishness, they still focus on the problem..

    After a few more seasons on the Spiritual Path in the Big Book Steps the man hopefully understands that he is to become a power of example rather than a example of power..It’s a pretty common phase, I know I went through it..We move through it as part of the psychic change necessary to live sober and serve the man who suffers..

    Anyway..still too bad he was cut short..

  3. Mike F. says:

    I don’t know what she found offensive in his message. Perplexing. Bill W. said AA will be destroyed from within and this is a good example. I think it is terrible what she did.

  4. Rick says:

    On your website URL on Matthew BB Thumper from Louisville, KY., I was kind of disappointed that his opinion was deleted. I might have needed to hear what he had to say. Who knows. This sort of thing has happened in other types of twelve step meetings as well. It’s about people who like to exert control, that, or the fellow from Kentucky touched a nerve.

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