AA Sponsorship Styles

In the 1940’s, the A.A. Beginners’ Meetings ‘s provided a safe and structured environment where newcomers TOOK all Twelve Steps and recovered from alcoholism, as well as a place where those who had been through the Steps learned how to sponsor those who were just starting on their spiritual journeys. The Beginners’ Meetings fostered participatory sponsorship and many newcomers were sponsored by two or more A.A. members, the sponsor and his or her apprentice(s). The term the early A.A.’s used to describe this relationship was co-sponsorship. (Wally P. and Back-to-Basics)

What style of sponsorship do you practice? Let us know about your experiences…

3 thoughts on “AA Sponsorship Styles

  1. With my AA protegè, we meet at a cafe, pray, read BB and follow the instructions together. Only the first step for my illness I did a minucious work in first person, but I asked him to ask me if I was a neurotic, If I could manage my emotions and mind, and if I could manage my own life. The rest is BB together. I’ve been making my inventory helping him with some questions. Yesterday I finished showing him the way to complete it with the BB directions, and gave him a week to complete it. If God wants it and my protegè keeps willing, we’ll take step 5 together. It has been a deep spiritual experience for me, and also for him.

  2. I find that when I arrange to meet a sponsee to discuss a step from the big book, they regularly can’t make it , or turn up with a miniscule amount of writing from an online non-Big Book guide rather than having stuck to the big book. Or suddenly decide that the 12×12 should be adhered to. Mind you, for the first 12 years i subconsciously thought that the big book wasn’t enough and that there should be something different instead. When I went back to the big book my recovery felt rocket-boosted and i came to feel at peace . I say this to people but they tend to ignore it and look for something more complex or faddy. I think people need space and have to follow their own path ultimately

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