Big Book Sponsorship for permanent recovery of all addictions

Big Book Sponsorship

Hear recovered addict and Big Book Mucker, Cameron F. outline the AA Big Book program of action to the AA and CA newcomer

Hear Big Book Mucker, Cameron F. from Toronto, ON, an AA, CA, and NA speaker, outline the program of action, our common solution for the newcomer at the H.O.W. It Works Group of Cocaine Anonymous in St. Catharines, ON, Canada - July 25, 2008.

Click here to download Cameron F. in MP3 format.

2 Responses

  1. Stey Aspey says:

    I was clean n sober 10 half years, I lost my son 6 years ago and I’ve been using since…I know the 12 steps work, but my fear is stopping me from have having to face up to my sons death. It’s so hard to do anything for myself, because I feel like i don’t deserve it, I feel like a failure!!! Thanx.

  2. nonetheless-ANONYMOUSLY says:

    Dear Stey, You aren’t alone. As hard as it might seem, remember family will always be there for you if your there for yourself first. It’s a struggle but the best time of your life is completely up to you. As hard as it is reach out to someone there only an arms length away.

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